Rosa & Dara and Their Great Adventures

An animated series for the entire family. Featuring the adventures of seven-year-old twins Rosa and Dara, Laiko, a canine rascal, the twins’ amazing grandma –an inventor – and their grandpa, who can fix anything. They all learn lots of engaging facts about the world around us.

Great Holiday Adventure

Seven-year-old twins Rosa and Dara are spending the summer holiday with Grandma and Grandpa at their old house. It's full of inventions and surprises and of course, their dog, Laiko, who is loads of fun… and trouble. One day things get complicated when Laiko scares off Grandma’s cows and they take off to different corners of the world. It’s up to the twins, Laiko and Grandma to bring them back safely. On their rescue mission they have lots of adventures and learn a lot of new things. They see Iceland, look down the mouth of a volcano. They head to North America, where huge sequoias grow and wild bears live. And finally, they head to outer space. Everything turns out fine and thanks to their teamwork, they are able to get the cows home.

Running time: 25 min Release: 15th October 2015 Sales: media i.m.


  • Justýna Hrazdirová, Rosa
  • Michaela Skalníková, Dara
  • Jana Štěpánková, Grandma
  • Václav Jan Podrazil, Boy
  • Martin Duda, art and direction
  • Milan Kolář, technical director
  • Kristina Nedvědová, scriptwriter
  • Hynek Trojánek, scriptwriter
  • Jiří Vaněk, scriptwiter
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Marek Doubrava, music
  • Kateřina Karhánková, dramaturgy
  • Bára Příkaská, line producer
  • Vlaďka Macurová, animation
  • Jakub Sršeň, animation
  • Mirek Zachariáš, animation
  • Barbora Darmová , compositing
  • Lenka Zychová , consultant
  • Viktor Ekrt , sound
  • Martin Jílek , sound
writers room: Kristina Dufková, Matyáš Trnka, Martin Toul, Barbora Námerová